Thank you for choosing ONDURA® PREMIUM SERIES for your roofing project.

ONDURA® should be carefully installed. Mistakes during the installation process can cause problems later and impact the warranty. Please take the time to closely follow these installation guidelines.

Always review and comply with local building regulations and safety guidelines.

CAUTION: Installation of roofing materials can be dangerous. Danger typically increases as the steepness of the roof pitch and the height from the ground increases. Do not install in inclement weather conditions. Assess your specific installation situation as various other factors can also contribute to installation hazards.

We strongly recommend that anyone installing ONDURA® or working on a roof in any many take all possible precautions to ensure their personal safety at all times. Be sure ladders and other such devices are safely positioned and properly secured.

Protective eye-wear is recommended when using power tools and throughout the ONDURA® installation ONDURA® may be slippery when wet, dusty, frosty or oily. Please avoid working or walking on the roof if any these conditions exist. We recommend you do no attempt to install ONDURA® during storms, high winds or other dangerous conditions.

ONDURA® can be installed over most existing roofing, on plywood/OSB, or on purlins depending on slope and snowload.

Refer to our Customer Service for more information at (540) 898-7000.