backyard lounge ideas

Enjoy the Sound of the Rain, but Don’t Get Wet

Do you enjoy the sound of the rain? Listening to the pitter patter of a drizzle or the rush of a heavy downpour can be incredibly soothing. Watching rain fall can be an enjoyable experience, as long as you are able to stay dry. When designing a backyard lounge, consider adding a durable, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing roof over your lounge to keep you, your guests, and your furniture nice and dry. 

Onduline’s Tuftex Corrugated Polycarbonate building panels are a great option for creating an affordable, durable, and high-quality roof that allows you to listen to the rain, see rainfall, and stay dry during storms. The material is available in clear, translucent white, and smoke so there is a good option for every aesthetic.

Do you love to socialize and have a beautiful garden or backyard that you want to enjoy? A backyard lounge is an excellent place to enjoy the outdoors, entertain guests, and show off your property. No matter your location, budget, or space, there are backyard lounge ideas that can wow guests. Let’s take a look at some fun outdoor lounge ideas that can help you relax and socialize at home.

Enjoy the Summer Heat, but Don’t Get Burned

Do you enjoy basking in the summer heat with a cocktail, glass of rosé, or popsicle? After a long, cold winter, the summer heat can feel so nice, and the summer season is a perfect time to be outside. If you like the heat, but want to avoid the pain of sunburns and the risk of melanoma without lathering up in sunscreen every hour, create a dreamy backyard lounge for you and your guests with a UV-proof roof. 

Onduline’s Ondura Premium Half Sheet roofing panels are perfect for small backyard lounge spaces. The corrugated bitumen roofing panels are designed to not radiate heat, so your structure will stay cooler on sunny days.

Put up a Little Privacy

Do you want to create an intimate outdoor lounge? Consider creating a privacy screen on one or two sides of your backyard lounge to separate you and your guests from the view of your neighbors, your house, or other areas of your backyard. With the right material, a privacy screen can add appeal and intrigue to the inviting lounge space. 

While fabrics like linen or gauze can be used to create a soft, pleasing atmosphere, you may want to use a material that can withstand wind and rain. Onduline’s Tuftex Multiwall Polycarbonate panels allow 90% of light rays to pass through while blocking UV rays. These sturdy, translucent panels are environmentally friendly and virtually unbreakable. For a more opaque finish, hang removable fabric curtains inside the Tuftex polycarbonate panels.

Embrace Your Green Thumb

Plants are beautiful and popular in design. What if you created a magical outdoor lounge that was part-greenhouse, part-relaxation space? Take inspiration from sunrooms and position your lounge next to a greenhouse structure. If strategically arranged, the greenhouse and plants can cast a lovely, dappled shadow pattern across your sitting area, and you can enjoy the lounge in the shade. 

Both Onduline’s  Tuftex Multiwall Polycarbonate panels and Tuftex Corrugated Polycarbonate panels make excellent greenhouse walls.

Circulate with a Fan

A well-placed fan will look nice, keep you and your guests cool, and keep the mosquitos at bay. The airflow from the fan will disrupt the flight of the mosquitos so you can enjoy the lounge without incurring pesky bites. To hang your fan, you will need a roof. Consider building a long-lasting, appealing roof with Onduline’s Ondura Edge uniquely corrugated roofing panels.

Embrace Mother Nature

If your backyard is full of established trees, consider collaborating with mother nature for your backyard lounge design. Use existing trees and bushes as design elements to create visual interest, acquire shade for your seating area, and achieve a modern organic look. As a bonus, trees can lower the temperature in your backyard by up to 9 degrees Fahrenheit. The tree canopy can be the roof for your space, or you can create a structure with a green roof that blends into the natural environment. Onduline’s Ondura Premium Series corrugated roofing panels are available in a rich forest color that will complement the lush natural environment.

Mix Materials

Mixing materials is a sophisticated and fun way to design your outdoor lounge space. Glass, iron, wood, marble, linen, and corrugated bitumen all serve unique purposes and can each enhance your backyard lounge. Just think of how gorgeous a marble and iron table would look with linen-covered chairs, by glass windows, under an Ondura Premium Series roof.

Maximize Comfort

Although metal chairs with detachable cushions are standard for backyard furniture, these pieces are not always very comfortable. If you plan to spend a lot of time outside and you really want to wow your guests, don’t skimp on comfort. Choose a big, plush couch and top it with an outdoor slipcover. Consider pairing the couch with an elegant wood coffee table that will age gracefully and won’t look dirty quickly like a glass table. If you want to provide your furniture with more protection from the elements, consider topping your lounge with a roof. Onduline’s Ondura Premium Series will serve you well.

Play with Lighting

Decorative lighting features can add intrigue and elegance to your backyard lounge. Fairy lights create a beautiful, sparkly ambience. There are many different types of lighting features. Depending on your choice and installation method, the lighting features can even look like hanging sculptures that elevate the look and feel of your space. Of course, you will need a roof to hang the lighting elements.

Onduline’s Ondura Edge can elevate the look of any backyard structure.

Add an Area Rug

A big rug can soften a concrete backyard or patio and make it feel more like home. A large area rug adds an element of comfort and can also really tie a space together. If you have a rug, you will likely want to keep the backyard lounge protected from the weather. An Onduline roof will do just the trick. Onduline’s Ondura Premium Half Sheet is the perfect roofing solution for backyard lounges.

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