Choosing The Best Patio Cover

Backyards don’t have to be in full sun or shaded exclusively by trees. Sometimes it is nice to relax in a shady place that is also an attractive architectural feature. Try these patio shade ideas that will keep you out of the hot sun and elevate the look of your outdoor space. 


Considerations in Choosing a Patio Cover

If you are trying to decide on a patio cover for your backyard or outdoor space, you may be wondering, “What should I consider when choosing a patio cover?” Here are some of the key factors to consider when looking at patio covers. 



What is a patio cover?

First, let’s talk about what makes a backyard structure a patio cover. There are lots of different types of outdoor shade structures. It’s helpful to understand the differences between them so you can choose the best style for your outdoor space. A patio is a paved area between the house and a garden. A patio cover is a constructed roof that keeps the area underneath shady and dry.

What is the design of your home?

Are you looking for something that stands out or blends in? The patio cover can complement or accent the style and aesthetics of your home. Choose the patio cover design and materials to suit your vision.

How do you want to use the space under the patio cover?

The space under the patio cover can be utilized for a variety of purposes, and the intended use may impact your design choices. Here are a few common ways in which homeowners use patios: 

1. Reading on the patio

2. Patio cocktail hour

3. Patio dinner party  

4. Relaxing on the patio

5. Kids’ playspace on the patio

What is your budget for a patio cover?

If you have an unlimited budget for a patio cover, your design and construction options are wide open. You can hire an architect, engineer, and contractor to build the most impressive patio cover ever created in history. While that may be a fun creative pursuit, it really is not necessary to have a large budget or hire professionals to build your patio cover. There are plenty of material and design options available to within a modest budget. With some handy DIY skills and a couple of friends to help, you can create a nice and functional patio cover.

What materials do you want to use?

There are many different materials available for patio covers. Many designs use outdoor fabrics to create a shady space. Even though fabric will create shade, it will not keep you dry in the rain. Shade may be your top priority, but it doesn’t have to be your only priority. Additionally, fabric is a great choice if you only want a temporary solution, but many homeowners want something that will look good for many years to come. Onduline roofing panels are a comparable price and just as easy to install as outdoor fabrics, but they will last substantially longer. With Onduline roofing panels, you can create a myriad of patio cover designs. Check out a few ideas below, and let your imagination run wild. 


Patio Cover Example 2



UV-Proof, Transparent Patio Cover


Take inspiration from this gorgeous outdoor kitchen and dining space that is covered by a transparent Tuftex corrugated polycarbonate roof. The patio cover blocks nearly 100% of harmful UV radiation but still allows you and your guests to enjoy a tree canopy and blossoming vines overhead. 

patio roofing


Colorful Patio Cover


Homeowners often choose neutral colors for the roofs of their backyard structures. While neutrals are lovely, they certainly aren’t for everyone. If your homeowners’ association does not have stringent rules and you want a pop of color, consider this charming red Ondura roof for your backyard patio cover.

patio roofing 2


Lightweight Patio Cover


Sometimes it isn’t really feasible to manage heavy construction materials for a DIY project. With this Ondura Premium Series 12 roofing, you can quickly and easily install a lightweight roof that is not lacking in durability. The material is easy to trim, does not have sharp edges, and will not corrode. 


Peaceful Patio Cover


Peaceful Patio Cover 


If you want to be able to sit on your patio, stay as cool as possible on sunny days, and enjoy a bit of quiet during a rainstorm, this material is an excellent choice. The Ondura Premium Series 10 roofing material does not radiate heat or resonate noise, and it is available in three pleasing colors. 


Driveway Patio Cover


Driveway Patio Cover


If you have an extra long driveway, consider turning the spare concrete real estate closest to your house into a lovely patio setup. This pitched roof patio cover functions as a seamless extension of the house and makes outdoor living possible in any weather. With Ondura Edge roofing panels, you can get the look and feel of a metal roof without the risk of corrosion. 

For more DIY inspiration and high-quality materials, visit the Onduline site today.