Tuftex Polylite

Why choose Tuftex Polylite?
10-year limited warranty 
Easy installation
Custom lengths available
Unlimited customer support
Matching ridge caps available
Product Benefits:


  • Daylighting solution
  • Retains optical clarity 
  • Up to 20 times stronger than fiberglass
  • UV Protection
  • Withstands extreme temperatures (-40°F to +270°F)
  • Hail and wind resistant
  • Saves electricity

Installation Guidelines

Any Polycarbonate panel requires pre-drilling 1/8” to 3/16” larger than the fastener being used.

Contact us for purchase and distribution opportunities, plus step-by-step instructions to ensure easy, safe, and efficient installation of your Tuftex Polylite panels and always review and comply with local building regulations and safety guidelines.