Tuftex PolyCarb

Why choose Tuftex PolyCarb?
Long-lasting performance
Easy to install with standard tools
Matching Accessories available
Unlimited customer support
Limited lifetime warranty
Product Benefits:
  • Hail and wind resistant

  • Retains color and opacity

  • Blocks nearly 100% of UV radiation while allowing light transmission 

  • Withstands extreme temperatures  (-40°F to +270°F)

Tuftex PolyCarb is backed up with a limited lifetime warranty so you can be confident Onduline is always here to make sure your project is a success.

Tuftex PolyCarb Limited Lifetime Warranty 


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Tiny house
Installation Guidelines


Always review and comply with local building regulations and safety guidelines

  •  For best performance on exterior applications only use Tuftex products across light colored rafters or structures to minimize unnecessary heat buildup.

  • Storage: Store out of the sun, preferably vertically and indoors. Do not store outside in uncovered stacks, as damage from heat buildup may occur.

  • Cutting: ut single panels of Tuftex  with a pair of snips or heavy duty scissors. Multiple panels may be cut using a circular saw with a plywood blade reversed or a fine-tooth handsaw. Side Laps and End Laps: Seal all side laps and end laps with a silicone sealer, vinyl adhesive or PVC cement.


Care and maintenance

  • Do not use abrasive or high alkaline cleaners

  • Do not allow pressure washing spray to come into close proximity of panels.
  • Do not apply cleaners in direct sunlight or leave cleaners on for extended period of time
  • Keep roof clear of debris

Need help?

Contact us for step-by-step instructions to ensure easy, safe, and efficient installation of your Tuftex Polycarb panels and ask for other thickness and colors available
- minimum order qualities required; lead
times may var




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