Why Onduline

For more than 75 years Onduline has supplied lightweight roofing materials worldwide. Onduline operates in more than 100 countries from 29 subsidiaries and 8 production facilities; including one in Fredericksburg, Virginia and has around 1,200 collaborators around the world of 28 nationalities, enabling us to better understand market needs and cover them with the right solution.

The Onduline North America team brings nearly 45 years of local history, beginning in Virginia in 1976 with its corrugated asphalt panels.  The TUFTEX® plastics operations were founded in 1988, moving to Fredericksburg in 1995.  Together the products in the ONDULINE®, ONDURA®, and TUFTEX® brands provide material for just about any pitched roofing job you can think of and a variety of other projects.

Since September 27, 2022, Onduline  is now part of Kingspan Group, a global leader in high-performance insulation and building envelope solutions.

easy installation

Simple Installation

Onduline products are easy to install, with step-by-step instructions so there are no problems at all.

help and assistance

Help & Assistance

Customer service is available to help you with order and installation questions.

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easy to handle

Easy to Handle

Lighter than most roofing, Onduline products are easier and safer to handle, even for a novice do-it-yourselfer.

Discover our Products Perfect for All Your DIY Projects

Onduline is the perfect choice for your outdoor project.  From roofing to underdecking and side walls; from natural light to covered roofs; Onduline has a solution to fit your needs.  Onduline products are perfect for...

  • Sheds
  • Dog houses and animal enclosures
  • Small shelters & lean-to's
  • Underdecking solutions
  • Greenhouses
  • and more!

Based on our original product, ONDURA® PREMIUM SERIES is great for all types of shelters and structures.  It can be used as privacy fencing as well.  It is best suited for sheds, animal enclosures, playhouses, tree houses, dog houses, and other similar structures.

Ondura Premium Series Roofing Panels

ONDURA® Premium Series 10

10 corrugation roofing panel

ONDURA® Premium Half Sheet

ONDURA® Premium Half Sheet

Half-sized 10 corrugation bitumen roofing panel

ONDURA® Premium Series 9

ONDURA® Premium Series 9

Ashpalt Roof Panel | 9 Corrugation Roofing Panel

Ondura Edge Roofing


Unique Metal Profile | Corrugated Roofing Panels


SeaCoaster is our most economical TUFTEX® panel.  It is perfect for lower heat and low sun applications.  Use it for small shelters or siding.

Tuftex Seacoaster


The economical vinyl solution for indoor projects and outdoor applications


TUFTEX® PolyCarb is ideal for letting in natural light to improve your space.  This can be clear panels for a greenhouse or opaque panels to diffuse light in a sun room.  Panels are available in clear, white, and smoke.

Tuftex Corrugated Polycarbonate

Tuftex Corrugated Polycarbonate

TUFTEX PolyCarb corrugated panels are our toughest building panel.


Looking to improve the conditions under your deck?  DeckDrain helps move water away from the area so that the area under your deck can be just as livable as the deck itself.  Simple brackets connect the panel to the underside of the deck and move water away from foundations and living spaces.

DeckDrain: A Complete Deck Draingage System by Tuftex

DeckDrain: A Complete Deck Draingage System by Tuftex

A complete system for creating a dry, usable space under an elevated outdoor deck.