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Proudly based in Fredericksburg, Virginia since 1976, Onduline North America manufactures PVC & Polycarbonate building materials, and supplies asphalt corrugated roofing sheets to the US and Canada, as part of a worldwide team with more than 80 years of industry experience and presence in over 100 countries.

Onduline In numbers

  • Around 1,200 employees and 28 nationalities.
  • Available in 100 countries through 29 Commercial subsidiaries.
  • 8 plants in 7 countries.
  • About 60,000 t of cellulose fiber recycled every year*

*4,066 g CO2 / m2* positive carbon footprint 

*Calculated in 2011, scope Corrugated Bitumen Sheets & tiles, based on raw material supply, transport and manufacturing – being currently updated


High quality

We stand by our products. Follow the installation guides for best performance!


We provide complete systems. Find color matching accessories for your building panels.

Easy handling and installation

Our lightweight roofing systems can reduce installation times and simplify transportation.