Ondura Premium 9

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ONDURA® Premium Series 9
ONDURA® Premium Series 9
ONDURA® Premium Series 9
ONDURA® Premium Series 9
ONDURA® Premium Series 9
ONDURA® Premium Series 9


Product Benefits

Fast and easy installation
Lightweight for easy transportation and handling
Wind resistant to 180 mph
Will not rust or corrode like metal roofing
Quieter than metal roofing
No special tools required
No sharp edges
Installs over existing shingle roof or on deck or purlins

Now Featuring Embossments!

  • Embossments act as an installation guide making your projects even quicker and easier than before.
  • Overlap between panels is minimized, resulting in less material use and lower project costs.
  • Embossments create better waterproofing between panels.
  • This new feature also provides an improved visual aesthetic.

Ondura Panels Overlapping

10 corrugation product featured in image above



Installation Guidelines

Ondura Premium Series can be installed on roof pitches as low as 2:12.  Follow the guide below for additional instructions as it relates to roof pitch.

  • 2:12 Pitch - Install on decking with added waterproofing measures (8 inch vertical overlap and two corrugation side overlap)
  • 3:12 Pitch - Install on decking with following the traditional instructions in the installation guide
  • 4:12 Pitch or greater - Install on purlins or decking with a maximum purlin spacing of 18 inches.


Consult the Ondura Installation Guide below for simple step-by-step instructions to ensure easy, safe, and efficient installation of your Ondura roof.


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