Tuftex SeaCoaster

Why Choose Tuftex SeaCoaster
Will not rust, rot, chip, or peel even in most caustic environments
High gloss finish helps to reflect light
Heat resistant for surface temperatures up to 150F° (opaque)

Width 26 inches
Corrugation Height 9/16 inches
Minimum slope required 1:12 - increase in heavy snow areas
Side and end laps

Side laps: 1 corrugation

End laps: 4 inches

Fasteners per panel

Pre-drill all fastener holes in panels

8' - 25; 10' - 30, 12' - 35, 16' - 45


Installation Guide
To install Tuftex SeaCoaster panels, follow these guidelines:
  • Pre-drill holes prior to installation
  • Minimum Slope 1:12 [best performance at 2:12 or steeper]
  • Store panels in cool, dry, and shaded place prior to installation
  • Do not walk directly on panels
  • Use 100% silicone or butyl tape as sealant
  • Cut with table saw with plywood blade for best results
  • Hand circular saw (plywood blade) and jigsaws can also be used
  • For small, localized work hand tools can also be utilized
Care & Maintenance:
  • Do not use abrasive or high alkaline cleaners
  • Do not allow pressure washing spray to come into close proximity of panels
  • Do not apply cleaners in direct sunlight or leave cleaners on for extended period of time
  • Keep roof clear of debris
For more information follow the link to our installation guide below.


Tuftex SeaCoaster under a minute!