PolyLite 9" on Center

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PolyLite (9-Inch on Center)
PolyLite (9-Inch on Center)
PolyLite (9-Inch on Center)
PolyLite (9-Inch on Center)
PolyLite (9-Inch on Center)
PolyLite (9-Inch on Center)
PolyLite (9-Inch on Center)
PolyLite (9-Inch on Center)
PolyLite (9-Inch on Center)



Matches the Most Common Metal Profile
Retains Color and Opacity as opposed to FRP
Up to 20x stronger than Fiberglass
Blocks nearly 100% of harmful UV radiation
Withstands Extreme Temperatures (as much as -40F° to +270F°)
Hail & Wind Resistant
Will NOT rust or corrode
Easy to install with standard tools
10-Year Warranty

Works Great With RIDGELITE

Add additional daylighting to the ridge of your structure with RIDGELITE a universal polycarbonate ridge that works with nearly all corrugated roofing profiles.
  • Retrofit existing metal buildings easily to take advantage of natural light
  • Great daylighting alternative especial with hard to match metal roofing profiles
  • Utilizes your existing building materials to align with nearly any roofing geometry
  • Available in Clear, White, and Smoke to match your other POLYLITE panels

RIDGELITE Universal Ridge Front


You can find out more about RIDGELITE by clicking here.

Installation Guidelines


  • Pre-drill holes prior to installation
  • Minimum Slope 1:12 [best performance at 2:12 or steeper]
  • Store panels in cool, dry, and shaded place prior to installation
  • Do not walk directly on panels
  • Use 100% silicone or butyl tape as sealant
  • Cut with table saw with plywood blade for best results
  • Hand circular saw (plywood blade) and jigsaws can also be used
  • For small, localized work hand tools can also be utilized


Care & Maintenance:

  • Do not use abrasive or high alkaline cleaners
  • Do not allow pressure washing spray to come into close proximity of panels
  • Do not apply cleaners in direct sunlight or leave cleaners on for extended period of time
  • Keep roof clear of debris


For more information contact customer service using the link below.


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